Eka Wholefoods Cafe

sweet treats

Raw CakesMade in house, our raw cakes use organic products from in store and we change our flavours regularly. Come take a look in our display cabinet at today’s offering $8.5
PinniTraditional North Indian sweet. Often given to new mothers to build up the strength after birth but are enjoyed by everyone. Made using chickpea flour (besan) and ghee. These are delicious with chai!$4.50
Banana breadWith lashings of organic tahini and coconut nectar – so so good!$6.5
Citizen CacaoHandmade artisan vegan truffles. Made in melbourne. $4.50

something small

GyozaOur famous house made vegan dumplings & ponzu sauce. Pan fried and steamed (x5).$8
Blue Magic Chia puddingWe use organic & live spirulina to give our chai puddings their unique colour and high medical value. Coconut milk chai puddings+blue spirulina+coconut yoghurt+fresh fruit+coconut chips. V R GF$11.5
Golden Granola100% House made turmeric granola with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruit.$13.9
Smashed AvocadoSmashed avo with ‘yay’ vegan fetta, edamame beans, served on gf Precinct gluten free sourdough+leafy greens side salad and toasted organic seeds.$17.60
Whole Fruit ToastGF precinct Melbourne made whole fruit toast with organic butter. Add vegan butter $1.5$7.5
Rainbow Nori RollBrown Rice and Chia Mix, Avo, Carrot, Beetroot and Salad Leaf, wrapped in Organic Nori Sheets and served with a House-made Cashew Tumeric Sauce and Ponzu dipping sauce.$

Large Meals

We also have daily specials, please come into store or call us to find out what specials we have for the day.

Indian ScrambleTraditional indian spice blend with onion, ginger and tomato scramble with your choice of Maddie’s free range organic eggs or organic tofu. Served on gf precinct gluten free bread. GF V$14.90
Tempeh BurgerCrisply organic tempeh in soft bun with beetroot, carrot, salad leaf and our famous house made Peri-Peri mayo sauce. V$14.5
Spicy MushroomsOur famous spicy mushrooms cooked in organic coconut oil, tossed in kale and pomengranate salad on tahini covered gf precinct bread, topped with black sesame seeds. V GF$21.50
Buddha Protein BowlWarm salad of steamed greens, roast pumpkin and beetroot kraut on a bed of fluggy brown rice and chia grain . Topped with hemp seeds, toasted sunflowers and house made cashew sauce.tahini.$13
Vegan ToastieHouse made kale pesto, damone smoked mozzarella, caramelised onion, roasted pumpkin and eggplant on gf precinct gluten free bread. V GF$14.50

extra options

Chilli Mushrooms. R$3
Organic Tempeh. V$4


Green Goddess. Kale+banana+date+milk/mylk or coconut water$9
Matcha Love. Matcha+banana+date+lucuma+milk/mylk$9.5
Orange Cream. We use the whole orange (minus the peel)+coconut water+ice$8

fresh coconut

Chilled Coconuts ull of nutrients $7

Herbal Tea (Flora Stone Apothecary) $6 per pot

Peaceful Heart Pink rose petals/hawthorn berry/lemon balm leaf/motherwork leaf/oat straw.
Sacred Mountain Holy basil (tulsi)/licorice root/peppermint leaf.
Immune Boost Hibiscus/rosehip/orange peel/lemon grass/linden flower/elder flower.

Organic Tea

Peppermint, Chamomile, Calendaula, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Ginger, Black Tea

Hot Drinks

Stove Top Coffee Local roasted social enterprise Streat Coffee beans and warm milk on the side.$3.8
Chai Masala Authentic Indian chai. Chai Walli chai hand blended in Melbourne. Each cup is brewed individually – please allow 6 minutes to brew with love. $5
Matcha Green tea Single Origin and direct to us from the farmer in Japan. Japanese super food. $6.8