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Eka (Sanskrit for “One”) Wholefoods is a community space in Melbourne’s inner west that offers bulk organic wholefoods and a Vegan Cafe. Located in the suburb of Seddon (only 7 km from Melbourne CBD), we stock a wide range of vegan and vegetarian friendly wholefoods. We also cater to those of you who are on a gluten free or dairy free lifestyle by offering a wide range of vegan icecreams, vegan cheese, vegan dips, gluten free breads, gluten free pizza bases and gluten free pasta.

Eka advocates the health benefits of eating real, whole produce, as mother nature intended us to. It is Eka’s earnest endeavour to foster an intimate connection between you and the producer of your food. To that end, we are passionate supporters of local small businesses. We stock a wide range of products that are hand crafted in small batches by local producers.

Please click here here to see our complete range of Wholefoods available in BULK.

At Eka’s vegan cafe, we use wholefoods and seasonal produce to serve delicious vegan meals. Please click here to view our Cafe menu.

As well as advocating a wholefoods lifestyle, Eka appreciates the benefits of a inter- woven community that shares and trades their skills with each other in a currency that is higher than money. We will be hosting gifting circles, repair workshops, health and nutrition talks, meditation circles and a whole host of other events, workshops, meets, to keep you inspired and connected with your community. After all, it is this connection with each other and mother earth, that awakens the ultimate truth wthinin us, that we are One, Eka.

“seasonal, high vibration vegetarian & vegan meals, raw desserts and drinks for you!”

“at Eka‘s core, you will find a deep commitment to community connection”

We welcome volunteers in our space, to share with us their unique gifts. We are always interested in meeting with like minded and aligned people to share this journey with us.

To those of you, who walk into Eka everyday, we want to get to know you, learn from you, hear your story…what makes you who you are…all whilst eating the best, nourishing foods Melbourne has to offer!

Eka is on a journey…and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Peace, Love and Miso,

Anuveer and Aman

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